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Everything, Earth and Sky: An Exhibition of Haitian Art

prueba - 6 March, 2023

Everything, Earth and Sky: An Exhibition of Haitian Art

02/04/2023 to 05/28/2023

10975 SW 17th Street Miami, FL. 33199

Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum


The Frost Art Museum is home to one of the largest collections of Haitian paintings from the 1980’s and 1990’s in the United States. This exhibition and accompanying catalog are a part of the museum’s ongoing efforts to make its collection accessible through research and digitization. A group of dynamic scholars in the area of Haitian art, helped develop the exhibition’s focus around the artists’ varied use of space.

The exhibition also includes contemporary Haitian American artists, Vanessa Charlot, Mark Delmont, Edouard Duval-Carrié,  Mark Fleuridor, Madjeen Isaac, Abigail Lucien, and Asser Saint-Val as well as paintings from the collection by Gerard Fortuné, Alexandre Gregoire, Maxan Jean-Louis, Eddy Myrthil, and Fritzner Obner, among others.

Everything, Earth and Sky highlights a theme prevalent in Haitian art, the depiction of space. From schools, communal plazas, and government buildings to Haiti’s fauna and the ever-present ocean, these works depict different interpretations of physical space and the use of public places. Some works clearly relate contemporary political challenges in Haiti and others portray the rich and varied iconography of Vodou.

This exhibition has been made possible with generous support from the Green Family Foundation, Island TV, PNC Bank, and Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics.


Installtion photography by Oriol Tarridas.

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